Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Birth Plan

My birth plan with Alexandra was to arrive at the hospital and immediately request an epidural, just in case there was a line for the anesthesiologist.

Since our goal is to have a natural, Hynobabies birth this time around, we have carefully constructed a birth plan that we feel will help us reach our goal.

I'm sharing our current birth plan below. In constructing this plan, we used Hypnobabies materials, some Hypnobirthing materials, and I also browsed the web and other blogs to help me find adaquate wording to express our wishes.

After the baby arrives, I'll create a post and let you know how our plan was implemented!


Birth Preferences

Dear Birthing Team,
Below is a list of our birth preferences. We have given careful consideration to each request in the plan, and we feel that they best represent our wishes at this time. We switched midwives mid-pregnancy to experience our second daughter’s birth at St. Mary’s, so please know that we want to be here because of YOU!

Our goal is to have a peaceful and natural birth. In the event of an emergency, we trust the judgment of our midwives, although we expect to be kept fully informed and be given full explanations should deviations need to be made to our birth plan.

We have been using the Hypnobabies program to prepare for our daughter’s birth. We prefer to use terms such as pressure instead of pain and pressure wave instead of contraction. We would appreciate it if you would join us in avoiding references to pain, hurt, work, hard work, etc. Please do not offer pain medication, unless requested.

Pre-Admission Requests:
To consider artificial initiation of labor only if labor is unusually delayed and there is a medical urgency

To delay artificial induction of labor for a reasonably period after the release of membranes if mother and baby show no signs of infection

Hospital Admission Requests:
To be assigned a nurse who is partial to natural birthing, if possible

To self-hydrate and decline routine IV prep upon admission (HepLock preferred)

Artificial inducement only in case of medical emergency

Peaceful, calm birthing room—subdued lights, music, voices

To have intermittent monitoring (EFM) of FHR after the initial 20 minute strip

No phone calls allowed to come into the room

No visitors—only husband Luke in birthing room until after baby arrives

First Stage of Labor:
Only necessary hospital staff, please

To be free of blood-pressure cuff between readings

Continued intermittent monitoring of FHR, given the initial test strip is normal

Internal monitoring only in the event of medical emergency

Nutritional snacking if labor is prolonged

Freedom to walk and move

Freedom to change positions

Minimal number of vaginal exams (ultimately up to midwives, but we don’t want to get obsessive about numbers and “progress” or “lack of progress”)

That labor be allowed to take its natural course without references to “moving things along” or “augmenting labor”

No artificial rupture of membranes unless discussed and medically necessary

To be fully apprised and consulted before the introduction of any medical procedure

To use labor/tub shower if water has not broken

During Birthing:
We prefer Mother-Directed breathing/breathing baby down instead of coached pushing

Use of Hypnobabies techniques

To assume birth position of choice

Episiotomy only if necessary and only after discussion

Use of topic anesthetic for episiotomy

Immediately After Birth:
Kids fashion blogger to assist in receiving/”catching” baby, if possible (Luke may want to help, as well)

Immediate skin-to-skin contact before baby is wrapped/swaddled/wiped down

Cord to be clamped after pulsation has ended

Wait for natural placenta delivery and avoid traction

Placenta to be kept for us

For Baby:
For baby to stay with Kids fashion blogger/Luke as long as possible after birth before being taken to nursery for check-up (preferably until after big sister Alexandra has had a chance to visit)

Luke to accompany baby to nursery

Breastfeeding only—no bottles, formula, pacifier, artificial nipples of any kind.